Teach you how to know a girl (2)

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 This post was last edited by the cat's tail at 2014-6-19 00:29 and finally completed the second issue. ``Directly into the theme.' This session teaches you how to change a girl from a friend to a girlfriend ```       Most girls do not take the initiative to pursue their favorite boy, except that they really like it or the brave girl who has more personality. So, if you like a girl very much and think that she is also a bit interested for you, then take the initiative, don't make a tug of war with her, I feel uncomfortable, maybe the person you like is also suffering. When any girl is chased, the psychology is very complicated. She may be very happy, but with a little fear, she has a ambivalent desire to refuse to welcome the boy who has broken into her peaceful life. She is not intentional. Don't think she is testing you, she is actually fighting herself, she is afraid of being hurt. Don't be afraid that your initiative will bring her resentment. If you don't take the initiative, she will not take the initiative, and it will slowly fade down. If you start the confession rejected by her, it is normal. Don't be discouraged. Who knows what this girl is thinking? Maybe you will confess twice, she will be touched by you, a good girl with good heart is very easy to move. If you are subjected to a setback, leave immediately, no longer answer the girl, protect yourself tightly, and lick the wound silently. When you are suffering, you don’t know, the girl may be regretting and regretting. It! Maybe she will secretly cry, regret to reject you, and then see your indifferent eyes, she is also very sad, but she will not tell you, will never ask you to come back to chase her. Your excessive self-esteem may hurt the sensitive heart of the girl. She will think that you are not sincerely fond of him, or will you give up on her? Some people say that boys are really difficult, and it is not easy to chase girls. However, my feeling is that this phenomenon is inseparable from the social role of men and women. From a physiological and social point of view, women are always passive. If, in turn, the man is shy, the woman becomes brave, and the world is in a mess! The shame of a woman is always beautiful and moving. I always hear that it is a certain brave man who has overcome many difficulties and finally won the hearts of the beautiful. The opposite example is very rare. Some boys are afraid that others will say that they are stalking and falling into a bad reputation. However, I feel that the boys pursue their favorite girls. They have been frustrated and continue to be good for this girl. It shows that people really like it, and they are sincere. If they are not successful, they are not regrettable. What is it? Who makes people like it? I hate the fact that others are following up, and I hate the kind of boys who don’t have their own ideas and care too much about what others think of themselves.  

   When a man is brave, the girl is emotional, easy to immerse in love. Although you have worked hard, and once your heart has touched her, then you will get more and more double love. Such examples are everywhere. The girl is very gentle and intimate to her boyfriend. In exchange for this sweet, what is the hard work at the beginning? And most of the good girls love to be quite dedicated. So, it is recommended that some boys are brave enough to pursue their favorite girls, not to be so timid, one is that you feel that you are not masculine, and secondly It’s your own strange, but the most important thing is: in the end you won’t get anything. Happiness always earns itself, don't expect others to give it to you! Add one more sentence, I think it's good to take the initiative, because your goal is that you really like it, girls are often passive, passive can only choose to accept And refuse, so I would rather take the initiative, love what I love, no regrets!  I am ready to start yet?

First, what kind of first impression should be left for MM (Time: Just started to contact MM) 1. I think the most important thing is to let MM see your ambition. The greatest charm of a man is that his career is successful. If a young person does not work for a long time, he will not be able to talk about "achievement." At this time, you must let MM feel that you are a self-motivated person. Others can be nonsense, but this question can not be vague, you must tell MM, you are full of confidence in the future, you are not satisfied with the status quo, and you have a long-term plan, in short, your future is not a dream. 2, to appear confident, responsible. Do not be like a child, girls are very lazy to hope to find a rely, you have to come up with their own confidence and responsibility. It is better to have a wrong choice than to have no choice. 3, don't be too serious, but don't be too casual. The place where you are serious will be serious, and you will be tempted when you are tempted. Girls like a little cynical man, so don't seem to care about anything, it's too dull. 4, it seems mature. The calm and calm man has a fatal appeal to MM. Second, how to make further contact with MM (time: start chasing stage) 1. The most important thing in this stage is not to worry, don't make things so clear, let people know at a glance that you are chasing people. Think about it, most people won’t look at you at a glance, but they will hate you if they don’t look at them. They are all children of ordinary people (unless you look like Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau or KIT [I]), the good feeling is that you need to The understanding is constantly increasing, so the key to the problem is the opportunity for further development. From the perspective of a girl, think about it for others: If you are so direct, you have to rush to engage in the object, and the girl must have psychological pressure. If you don’t like you after a while, don’t you become a kid? So if you start out with the position you want, you will basically get rid of it immediately. 2, to start with a low attitude, first of all to position the relationship as "friends", originally "normal friends", you want to become "good friends", you can also ask the other party to become a "confidante", in general, do not Say "Chasing you." You think about it, if you don't mention "chasing" at all, then the girl will have no chance to "reject" you - how can you refuse to chase her? ! This can alleviate the psychological pressure of girls, so that you can continue to communicate smoothly. Do not fantasize about three days and promise to marry you. You must have full communication and understanding. Feelings are not produced out of thin air. 3. Don't be too impatient in the process of communication. If you have a relaxation, don't hang around with people all the time. Whoever is like this to you, you will be tired. I have a good friend who told me that the key to chasing a girl is eight words - "slow and hot, and want to swear." You don't feel good about you all day long. If you are properly cold for a day or two, the girl will remember the benefits of your being. Also, don't take out the ambition of "not you are not guilty". It's too bad to sell, sometimes you can play tricks. 4, to create opportunities properly. As stated before, don't make things immediately become "you are chasing others", and you need to get a chance to get close to girls, then you must look at your creativity. You can collect intelligence and find ways to turn your cockroaches into a shackle; you can also pretend to find the most sufficient reason to invite the other party to do something with you. In short, this is the most technical place, it is impossible to find Kit [I] to help. 5, should not be avoided: it is impolite to send gifts to others. Some people chase girls eagerly, like to buy things often to send people, do not know the most taboo girls. As the saying goes, "Nothing is not reliance on ethics." If you send people something like this, you are putting pressure on it. People will feel that you owe it to you, so you will find a way to return it to you. If you can't give it back, you will find a way to not associate with you. Lest you always owe you. If you want to show your sincerity, please ask the girls to spend together, for example, looking for a good restaurant to eat, or looking for something to play with, the girl can naturally see that you spent a lot of money, but the money is ultimately

The two spent together instead of turning things home. 3. What is it? 1. "Girlfriend" is a fact, not a promise that you and the girl begin to interact, from "ordinary friends" to "good friends" to "very, very good friends who have nothing to say". On a sunny afternoon, you "carelessly" pulled her hand; "Moon on the willow head", you suddenly attacked and kissed her. At this time she is already your girlfriend, whether she admits or not, she has already thought that you are his boyfriend. I know the most brilliant, until I went to bed, I didn't ask "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Finally, the girl was anxious: "Why don't you ask me to be your girlfriend!" So, don't Anxious to smash the window paper, the more the situation is, the better for you. 2. What is “confession”? As I said before, confession is actually a form. The correct order should be: In fact, you have become your girlfriend, and you can express your confession to others. Many people can't understand this problem. They always think that people should promise to be their girlfriends first. Then how can I say that I can only say that it is very "simple" and very "stupid". 3. Is there a time when you have to "not have to confess?" Yes, for example, a third party, or your relationship with a girl is not mature, but two people may be separated for a while. At this time, the confession is a blunt condition with immature conditions. The risk is very large. When the situation is similar to Go, the situation is grim. The backward party is forced to release the "winner and loser". If they win, they will win. If they lose, they can only say " Unlucky is born." 4, "love" should not be easily exported. I often see the forum appear "daring confession", to be honest I really think this is a very immature performance. "Love" is a sacred word, meaning pursuit, but also commitment, and even a kind of responsibility. A man who says "love" casually is irresponsible. Fourth, civilized love, can not be forced 1, not every MM can catch up with the good girl there will always be a lot of people chasing, it is impossible to smash everyone's wish, there will always be losers. For example, even if you study hard to master the most chasing MM principle, you can't catch up with any of TWINS. Looking at the problem from another angle, a small rural nanny who has not graduated from a primary school, even if it is good for you, earn 600 for you every month to buy 700 gifts (overdraft), willing to "be a cow" for you, you will not love On her. If she is crying and crying every day, you must be annoyed. So love needs material foundation, at least balance. 2, chasing MM is a serious social activity. Do not bother people, and give yourself a back road. How can a husband have no wife? Some MMs are indeed snobbish (a few). If you are not convinced, you can make a anger and prove that "she was blind at the time." Never miss a mistake. Finally add two points: 1 Do not appear cynical in front of MM, cynicism sometimes means "you are very fail."